Design and Technical Department

Research and development

Always in tune with the market, GODONNIER is constantly developing new products to improve comfort and safety for everyone in their day-to-day lives.

GODONNIER therefore made the decision to build its own on-site Research and Development unit for the study, design and manufacturing of new products.

We use 3D CAD design software (Solidworks®), mechanical simulation and realistic renderings during the development phase.

As a result, every year, new products are developed according to pre-defined specifications, manufactured, validated and inspected in our factories before being launched on the market.

Thanks to our R&D unit's ability to respond quickly to new developments, we are able to find solutions for the design of specific products in terms of their shape, size and colour.

Testing laboratory

To devise and test out its new products, GODONNIER has acquired a 3D printer.

The products are mechanically validated with the aid of a 10000N tensile compressing testing machine.

Mechanical workshop

GODONNIER has its own on-site mechanical workshop for the manufacture and maintenance of its manufacturing tools.

The workshop comprises :

  • 1 numeric controlled lathe
  • 1 digital milling machine
  • 1 conventional milling