3 Litre Pedal bin, White ABS, 200 x 255 mm, Ø 200 mm

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200 x 255 mm
200 mm
made in france

Concealed fixings.
White ABS plastic.

Material  ABS
Color  White
Dimensions  200 x 255 mm
Diameter Ø  200 mm
Packaging  Cardboard box + Label
Guarantee  1 year
Custom code 3922900000

Careful consideration and selection of the appropriate wall fixings according to the wall-mounted support is required to ensure the long life of your accessory.##The use of stainless steel screws (Ø 4 mm) is highly recommended to prevent corrosion in damp environment.##Before drilling, physically hold the product against the wall at desired position and mark the hole locations.##All the fixing points must be respected.##After installation and before use, make sure that all fixing screws are tightened securely.


IMPORTANT: To ensure the sustainability of the product and user safety, we recommend using a solution made of mild soap for cleaning. CAUTION: DO NOT USE cleaning products made of: etones, hydrocarbons, acids, bases, esters and ethers. After use of a cleaning product, make a rinsing in the clear water.

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