Cane, hand bag & clothes holder, White Synthetic resin

Pro Alu - Complementary accessories
Synthetic resin
132 x 71 mm
made in france
Full description

For white aluminium, polyalu and ERGOSOFT grab bars.
Maximum load: 15 kg.

Design coordinated with the Pro Alu range accessories and with the COMFORT and SAFETY items.

Material  Synthetic resin
Finish  Epoxy-coated
Color  White
Dimensions  132 x 71 mm
Gross weight0.170 kg
Packaging  Plastic protection bag + Hanger for display
Guarantee  5 years
Custom code 7615200000

No particular recommendation for the fitting.


IMPORTANT: To ensure the sustainability of the product and user safety, we recommend using a solution made of mild soap for cleaning. CAUTION: DO NOT USE cleaning products made of: etones, hydrocarbons, acids, bases, esters and ethers. After use of a cleaning product, make a rinsing in the clear water.